I live in Photoshop. As an image maker, I can design an entire website look-and feel, retouch and optimize all images included in the site, and then cut up the pieces for production. Having been classically trained in the arts at Pratt Institute, I believe strongly that "form follows function". My goal when designing is to reflect the personality of the client as best as possible and keep the design simple. Less is more.

flash design + development

My second home is in Flash. This is where the website comes alive. I have been working with Flash for over 9 years, starting with timeline animation and slowly building up my skill set with bits of Action Script as needed. I can now combine the two to create a flash presentation or flash website that is dynamically driven but not so fancy that it doesn't work. With Flash, I retain the "less is more" ideal.

I can also take an existing flash file and modify it, as I did for Jan Michaels. The client needed to add a collection and spice up the page design, and I was able to go into the existing file and do that. I worked on the Future Tribe collection.

html/xhtml + CSS

CSS has proven itself to be a neat, clean and stable language that has taken the web by storm, and I jumped on that wagon as soon as I could. The benefit of SEO cmpatibility is important in this age of information overload. Hybrid sites are the way to go. I build all my CSS and html files (such as those for this very site) from scratch, so the code is nice and clean.


I can impliment JavaScript and have very basic skills. I am currently getting schooled on this language so I can add it to my skill set.